Why…..The Chant ‘I am a Circle’
June 22, 2017
Winding the thread of knowing… on the road to Monto.
August 14, 2017

The Balance of Sacred Feminine by BJ Long


                                                                                                               ‘I am a Circle…Part 1: The Yggdrasil’ .


The play, the first of a trilogy, is a stand alone event, which in this instance, presents women with the opportunity, in a sacred-physical-esque theatre arena, to celebrate their archetypes and experience the weaving of mythological storytelling.


This play brings women powerfully together to embrace the healing of the matriarchal line. In turn the ‘I am a Circle….’ story reveals when there is an honouring and awareness of who we are and who we are not then balance occurs. When there is an alignment of all our parts including masculine energy what is woven is the honouring of our Sacred Feminine. If there is balance between the masculine and the feminine there is balance ecologically.


It is through this awareness and a fresh perspective of the OLD stories, in this case the journey of the Maiden, Mother and The Crone under the World Tree, that metaphor unravels and re-weaves the thread of our knowing. As women we may better recognise what it is like to access our true calling through awareness of the fabric of our existence.


This is a tale of weaving, a time to remember, the place of neither here nor there, nor betwixt or between… it is here in story-telling circle when women face each other that a collective, profound, unspoken energy, understanding and a sense of being-ness emerges; a portal to let go and reclaim our Divine Feminine Creative Energy. This is where we rediscover our place of knowing. From this experience, masculine energy is honoured as opposed to patriarchal power; and story allows us all, to remember what has been ignored or forgotten for the reclamation of balance to our sacred power in the world.


‘I am a Circle….’ is touted as Sacred Women’s Theatre at its best; mystical, magical, raw, energetic, funny, irreverent, deeply pertinent and meaningful.

Big Love BJ