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Public speaking is the most challenging line of work anyone can pursue. Personal Communication can also be the most challenging part about living. Speaking authentically is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Every speaker has tension in their body which they may or may not be consciously aware. Unclear communication is a manifestation of your body not being congruent with your thoughts, energy, emotions and spirit. Your voice or your vibration in the world is powerful. Are you ready to show who you really are? The VoiceBloom services are developed for business and personal self empowerment. Kristen Linklater’s Freeing the Natural Voice is one of the underpinning modalities, theatre techniques including The Stanislavaski method and Impulse work are also drawn upon.  To apply, please contact me by emailing [email protected], or by calling 0402123130.



VoiceBloom Service Offering 1:

VIBE Speaker Assessment
The*VIBE Speaker Assessment is a powerful tool that reviews how efficiently your Voice, Intellect, Body, Emotion and Spirit (*VIBE) all align to communicate your message.
The *VIBE Speaker Assessment is a process that entails your delivery of 2 short presentation segments, which upon the conclusion you will be given comprehensive feedback. You will also receive a full written assessment and a map of positive VoiceBloom objectives essential to achieving your goals as an empowered speaker.
The delivery of your first presentation encapsulates‘Who I Am’ as a business professional. This is a 3 minute prepared speech.
The second presentation entails delivering an inspiring speech on a subject you are passionate about. This is also 3 min prepared speech. This is a speech used to determine the level of influence and passion you can generate to inspire people on a subject you know.
In the *VIBE Speaker Assessment you will also be given a brief experience of aligning your *VIBE and connecting to and releasing your inner communicator. The entire process will also assist on giving you, and your Speaker Mentor, a clearer understanding of what is specifically required for you to communicate with greater authenticity, clarity and power as a Speaking Professional.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.46.47 AM VoiceBloom Service Offering 2:

VIBE* Training
This is the Ultimate Speaker Mentor Training where you align your Voice, Intellect, Body and Emotion so that when you speak your words resonate with your listeners for power and effect.
VIBE* Training is literally a “hands on” training experience. This is where you actually feel how your body reacts in response to your words. This is an experiential process where physical realignment takes place during instruction. This is not in any way a 2-dimensional, technical instruction process. You will intrinsically learn how to feel and identify what your body and mind are doing in response to the words you wish to speak. By developing self-awareness you start to fully acknowledge the various tensions and blocks that can sabotage your communication. Once these blockages have been identified they can be released through personalized VoiceBloom exercises which are to be practiced consistently between training sessions.
The VIBE* Training process can sometimes bring up emotions and feelings that have prevented you from expressing yourself powerfully throughout years of your life. As human nature is to resist or deny a need to change VIBE* Training can be a challenging, revealing, healing and a dynamic process for speakers, with all levels of experience.  It is a process that takes time and may initially seem slow as blocks are revealed for release however with  time a new way of communicating unfolds. It is VoiceBloom’s aim is to empower and to  push the envelope with their clients, ‘to release the inner communicator’, in a positive environment.

VIBE* Speaker Assessment is a mandatory requirement before VoiceBloom Service 2 VIBE* Training (Please allow at least 6 Weeks for foundation training)

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.46.47 AM VoiceBloom Service Offering 3:

Identify your Intention or your Sacred Contract.
This is where your Speaker Mentor facilitates the discovery and identification of your Personal and Professional Intentions. This process is highly creative by nature and enlightening. Spontaneous mind-mapping, creative visualization, time-lining,  role-playing, meditation and the exploration of what intention means and how it clarifies and empowers your  understanding of your Sacred Contract.  These  are a few of the key techniques that are used to viscerally connect with your emotional intelligence and to access both right/left brain thinking.
Through the VIBE process you are encouraged to you give yourself over to a unique kind of problem solving journey and to do so free from self-criticism. Each new step is part of a Chinese jigsaw puzzle as each part of the puzzle is discovered a door opens and a deep awakening and unfolding is revealed.  When the doors are opened your  innate vision your Sacred Contract is revealed. This discovery of your Intention becomes your daily MANTRA. Your daily MANTRA is the driving motivator for future strategies and decision making.

It is a magical and unique process.
Once your important driving motivators have been clearly defined and documented Clarifying Strategies in regards to your Speaking Presentation can begin.


Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.46.47 AM VoiceBloom Service 4:

Clarify Strategies in Your Story.
Clarifying Strategies in your Story challenges you to choose and commit to powerful presentation choices that are in line with your Vision Stayement. To Clarify your Strategies means clearly signposting your Intentions and Objectives through your story. Speakers often talk without consciously identifying their intentions and being clear about how they are going to achieve their goal in the presentation. Often they are left wondering why nobody has responded to their wonderful idea or product. When a speaker has clarified the strategies in their story they immediately have a strong sense of focus and their energy shifts. Recipients of the story then become inspired, energized and magnetized by the speaker.
VoiceBloom Service 3 Identify your MANTRA, Vision Statement is mandatory before VoiceBloom Service 4 Clarifying Strategies in your Story

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.46.47 AM VoiceBloom Service 5:

Presenting your Story

Presenting your Story is the final phase of these service offerings. This is where we look in depth at how congruently you communicate your message as a professional speaker using the content that has been built and reviewed in Part 4. This presentation may be live with your own audience where I sit in as a quiet assessor.
As a lay person, in regards to your area of expertise, I can give you a qualified response to how successfully the essence of your message is communicated. Incongruence is what prevents your message being listened to and acted upon by your audience. People may hear your message but that doesn’t mean they will act on it. A transformational presenter knows how to influence and inspire their audience, to create power and change.
There are many lecturers in society but very few influential speakers. Congruency Training is the final phase of representing your material to become a highly paid and respected speaker who moves people into action to achieve excellence in their life.

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