The Performance

At the base of the Yggdrasil (the World Tree), the Weavers of Destiny The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone have lost their way. Big Time. In the shadows the Beast lays in wait and the Yggdrasil is dying.

And so, the quest begins for a Woman to heal her ancestral wounds, reawaken her matriarchal lineage, reclaim her true self and restore Divine Feminine Energy.

This beautiful performance event invites its audience to hold the rim of the sacred women’s circle, deeply experience its mythology and honour the 9 Initiations of a Woman’s lifelong awakening through, story, song, music, movement, and theatre.

‘I am a Circle’ is an event available to any Circle of Women that is open to celebrate their sacredness.

1 hour and 20 minutes

Sacred Circle workshops also support and honour the content of ‘I am a Circle’ scroll to workshop description below.

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I am a Circle

Courtesy Miriam Negre

I am a Circle

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courtesy Gayleen Glover

                                             I am a Circle… Women Finding Their Own Voice

The Workshop


Historically, women and their voice have not been encouraged or understood. This is your invitation to take a journey, to discover and embrace your unique Feminine Voice; it is time to be understood.

  1. Discover how to unlock breath and journey with breath to the deeper parts of self to experience freer and more powerful communication.
  2. Explore how to be vocally playful, get straight to the point and awaken the vibrancy of your voice.
  3. Develop your own story and stand in your Feminine power with strength and energy when you deliver your message.

Through a technique called VIBE you will gain experience on how your Voice, Imagination, Body, Emotions/Energy and Spirit can align to your thread of inner knowing.

Free your Feminine Voice through group inspired theatre games along with vocal and mindfulness techniques. You will also be encouraged to write your own story and have the opportunity to play and deliver it in a respectful, supported sacred space.

Women have so much to contribute to society we are Warrior Women endowed with an innate sensitivity and the deepest of knowledge; we are the birth makers of the world on so many different levels. It’s time to be heard; to discover and embrace your Feminine Voice; to let go of the shame and to be congruent with who you are.


Also more info in How to Host an ‘I am a Circle’ event