‘I am a Circle’

Host Information Package

 ‘I am a Circle’ Offerings.


  1. Performance: I am a Circle: Part I…The Yggdrasil

(1 and ½ hours duration)


  1. Speech: Women Finding Their Own Voice

(1 and 1/2hours duration)


  1. Workshop: Women Finding Their Own Voice

    (previous attendance to Performance preferred but not mandatory)

(5 -6 hours duration) (2 day workshops available upon request)



 Offering 1

‘I am a Circle…Part 1 The Yggdrasil’


At the base of the Yggdrasil (the World Tree), The Weavers of Destiny the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone have lost their way….. Big Time. In the shadows the Beast lays in wait and the Yggdrasil is dying.

And so, the quest begins for a Woman to heal her ancestral wounds in The Labyrinth of Life, reawaken her matriarchal lineage, reclaim her true self and restore Divine Feminine Energy.


This beautiful performance event invites the audience to hold the rim of the Sacred Women’s Circle, deeply experience its mythology and honour the 9 initiations of a Woman’s awakening through, story, song, music, movement, and theatre.


Written and performed by BJ Long

Director Celia White

Music Roberto and Mauricio Iregui


* Women required to enter in age order around circle.

I am a Circle                                                                                                            photo courtesy Miriam Negre

Host Considerations

  • Indoor wooden or carpeted floor or Outdoor well shaded and swept level area.
  • Good overhead lighting
  • 18 metre rope (provided by I am a Circle) in shape of circle is the performance space and where the audience sit around in perimeter.
  • Duration 1/12 hours
  • Chairs for audience or cushions. Audience may sit in layers.
  • I am a Circle… Part 1 :The Yggdrasil’ a day or evening event
  • Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Hostess to organize:
  1. Age order line entry (oldest to youngest) before entering performance seating area,
  2. Hostess to request women to stand behind chair/cushion on entering and that performer will advise when to sit. And advise there is no entering or feet in sacred I am a Circle performance Space at anytime.
  3. There is also a quick photo shoot of women in Goddess Pose at the conclusion and a hug.
  • 30 minute set up required and time to pack up at conclusion. (no assistance required)
  • Budget Considerations below


Offering 2

Speech: Women Finding their Own Voice


BJ Long captivates the audience through her unique, professional experience as a Speaker Mentor (VoiceBloom), as a playwright and performer of her sacred physical-esque theatre modality (‘I am a Circle’ Trilogy) and the imaginative recounting of her own inspiring personal story.

BJ dares women to consider: What would it look and feel like to Find your Voice as a Woman and to Honour your Calling?

BJ encourages women to recognise whether:

  • If you know your calling but cant express or voice it…. whether you encounter being invisible


  • If you have no clear calling but have a voice whether you may be impressive but leave no lasting expression

BJ gives us experience on how to free divine feminine expression through her technique called VIBE. She asks meaningful questions that give awareness to habitual or generational patterns that inhibit women from being the best they can possibly be.

She reveals that when you can once again trust the container of your sacredness that you become an Awakened Woman and have access to your divine feminine presence. It is then a woman knows how to honour and express her feminine voice and truly align with the thread of her calling.

Host Considerations

  • Projector with 8 prong adapter
  • Projection screen
  • Table for projector and podium/ waist level table for easy Power Point access
  • Near power outlet and/or extension cord
  • Chairs for audience will be set in circle around 18 metre rope
  • Audience to bring a shared plate
  • Tea and coffee facilities or wine
  • Plates and/or serviettes
  • Budget Below
  • Hostess to take picture of goddess pose with audience
  • Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes


Offering 3


Women Finding their Own Voice Workshops

  The  Workshop: Women Finding Their Own Voice

Historically, women and their voice have not been encouraged or understood. This is your invitation to take a journey, to discover and embrace your unique Feminine Voice; it is time to be understood.

  1. Discover how to unlock breath and journey with breath to the deeper parts of self to experience freer and more powerful communication.
  2. Explore how to be vocally playful, get straight to the point and awaken the vibrancy of your voice.
  3. Develop your own story and stand in your Feminine power with strength and energy when you deliver your message.


Through a technique called VIBE you will gain some experience on how your Voice, Imagination, Body, Emotions/Energy and Spirit can align

holistically to access the Feminine Voice. Begin to free your Feminine Voice through group inspired theatre games along with vocal and mindfulness techniques. You will also be encouraged to write your own story and have the opportunity to play and deliver it in a respectful, supported sacred space.


Women have so much to contribute to society we are Warrior Women endowed with an innate sensitivity and the deepest of knowledge; we are the birth makers of the world on so many different levels. It’s time to be heard; to discover and embrace your Feminine Voice; to let go of the shame and to be congruent with who you are.

Host Considerations


  • Podium/ waist level table for easy Computer access
  • Near power outlet and/or extension cord
  • Chairs for audience will be set in circle around 18 metre rope
  • Participants to bring a shared lunch plate
  • Tea and coffee facilities or wine
  • Plates and/or serviettes
  • Hostess to take picture of goddess pose with audience
  • Duration 5-6 hours
  • Hostess to provide large Bucket with water and or vase that holds locally gathered bush flowers. Host may like to encourage workshop participants to offer up flowers or objects from garden to dress the altar. The altar is centre to the work shop it holds potential props and battery run candles and will be placed on red material.
  • Each participant informed to bring a blanket and a cushion & for creative visualization exercises pen and notepad
  • Participation within the Workshop circle is encouraged.                                                        

I am a Circle   

  Budget Considerations

I am a Circle

  1. Cost of Performance/Workshop /Speech Venue

Accommodation, food and travel expenses for BJ (and potential stage-manager when on touring if necessary) (Open to invitations for accommodation etc.)

  1. Host Fee (to be negotiated between BJ and host)
  2. Appearance fee for BJ is very reasonable and is available upon request.
  • Speech
  • Play
  • Workshop

If a customer attends both speech/play then workshop ‘I am a Circle’ encourages a $10 dollar discount for workshop.

  • It is suggested that you calculate ticket prices depending on
  • overhead costing

Connect with BJ


[email protected]

0402 123 130

or Ann

[email protected]

0411 868 786

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