August 14, 2017

Winding the thread of knowing… on the road to Monto.

    This week BJ Long travelled with ‘I am a Circle…’ to perform and work with the Magnificent Women of Monto. Her story circles around her rich encounters on the Central Queensland country road; a road trip she was initially hesitant of taking by herself. BJ ponders days of past and the country way she observes the beauty that finds parallel between the Australian Bush and the Countrywomen women who live in farming community. The […]
July 11, 2017

The Balance of Sacred Feminine by BJ Long

                                                                                                                 ‘I am a Circle…Part 1: The Yggdrasil’ .   The play, the first of a trilogy, is a stand alone […]
June 22, 2017

Why…..The Chant ‘I am a Circle’

I am a Circle…is an Ancient Woman’s chant that I discovered one day and became magnetically drawn to. I became aware as I sang those words and its rhythm every day that its resonance carried generations of women’s voices, solo and in union: their vibrational energy implanted as if a code. It was if the Ancestors, the Matriarchal line tugged its coding thread within to awaken my unique Me-ness more deeply: its relationship initiating at first […]