Prayer Paintings
prayer princess
Prayer Paintings are imbued with layer upon layer of water colours, acrylics and pastel… mixed media is an intrinsic part of the piece. These prayer paintings are lovingly created along with the vibrations of Chanted Mantras and emerge from a meditative state. My clients also have the option to be guided through a gentle freeing creative process whereby words that express their soul whisperings float to the surface of their consciousness and become part of their sacred piece. Their unique Prayer Painting allow them to remember the call of their soul’s intentions in life. Prayer Paintings are very powerful and draw their owner to honor who they are. They are most powerful when placed in the owner’s sacred space or at their personal alter.
Size A3 29.7 x 42cm
Investment $180.00 unframed
Cost of Framed Piece is upon application
Energetic Freeing process $30 for 20 minutes
Glorious Goddesses
Glorious Goddess
Your Glorious Goddess is a canvas piece that has the WOW Factor and is large in size. Acrylics and Mixed media are the mediums used. It is a piece that will have people talking but it is also quietly profound…It is full of spiritual metaphor whose intention has been called forth and interpreted through chanting and meditation.
Each client has the option to be guided through a spiritual journey of creative visualization or Energetic Alignment…connecting to those loving spirit helpers and divine beings that are always there to guide us and who let us know what to remember on this earthly plane.
This powerful Energetic Alignment session involves:
the ritual of being enveloped and protected by your Sacred Space; called in by the healing tones of a Tibetan Singing Bowl
the experience of a deeply replenishing Pranic (Energy) Healing session and gentle guidance through the art of meditation.
Your aura swept, cleansed and revitalised and your chakras tuned.
After the deeply nourishing experience of reconnecting with Divine Power you are more finely attuned to the source of your intuition. You are now ready to combine your awareness and the intelligence of your heart with the wisdom of Sacred Geometry. You will be surprised at the answers that come forth through your reading. It is here you become a visceral part of your personalized Glorious Goddess …and where your energy will be interpreted into your personalized piece.
Each Glorious Goddess energetically lifts the vibrations of their owner’s home or work space.
Size 1 Metre x 1 metre
Investment $750.00
Energetic Alignment Session $180.00 @ 2 hours
Larger Canvas Sizes Price Upon Application
Energetic Alignment Sessions are also available as an individual personalized service
BJ Long interconnects her specialized knowledge as a Speaker Mentor, Energetic Healer and Visionary Artist to facilitate the alignment of the Voice, Intellect, Body and Emotions (VIBE) and Spirit. Her gifts and skills support others to define and communicate their purpose and visions authentically and lift their energetic vibrations profoundly.
Enjoy the Journey
BJ Long
Speaker Mentor
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