‘I am a Circle’ Events  and Voicebloom Mentoring


Women Finding Their Own Voice Workshops

Thank you seems such an inadequate word this morning to describe the sacred gratitude for the space you formed. I can honestly say from my experience that I was not just ‘in circle’ I was held and safely delivered within a very ‘sanctified’ circle space. Your craft and reverence within sacred space can only be likened in my minds eye to a ‘midwife’ with soul, purpose and healing for women…the gift of empowerment to each deliver what it is that we were really born to deliver instead. With hands on heart a big bubble of ‘ahh’ to your heart space from mine for all your work until that very safe and unique delivery of us all .❤’

Tanya Boyland QLD 2017

“You rocked BJ.!!!!! It was such a powerful way to learn more about ourselves and become aware of our learned stuckness…feeling much more aware,more clarity and much more connected to other women. I am feeling so grateful also to all the other women in the circle as I learned so much from them too….a Brilliant workshop BJ…such a valuable way to help empower women…THANKYOU”

Diane Houston South Australia.

Host Reviews

“Loved it so much BJ. Absolutely loved it. The humour. The message. The passion. The empowerment. The vibrancy. The unity amongst a circle of many strangers. Ahhhh this fed my soul! I am so, so very grateful to have had the opportunity to host such an amazing event.Thank you from my whole heart. Love you oodles!!“

Suzi Owner Pallet Life and The Artisans Market Maleny

“I love this woman. What a performance!! There’s creative expression…then there’s CREATIVE EXPRESSION!!! If this play comes to a woman’s circle near you or perhaps you might like something different for your woman’s group or circle, this is the biz.”

Jassy Watson Earth Circles Studio Bundaberg

I am a Circle…Part 1 The Yggdrasil.

Audience Performance Reviews

What a brilliant, beautiful and powerful performance! Seeing it for the second time gave me a deeper understanding, I saw things I didn’t the first time and it deepened my heart comprehension! I look forward to my third time in the future Thank you BJ” xx

Marion Allan Qld

Speaker Mentor Testimonials

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“I have been seeing BJ for regular Speaker Mentor sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect, i just knew I wanted to explore my voice through sound. I was pleasantly surprised and confronted at the same time. BJ has a unique ability to meet me on every level, and has supported me to truly unravel so many hidden facets of myself that have not been serving me in my previous communication & life. Through her profound knowledge, wisdom & experiential exercises I now have a fresh new confidence and understanding to present myself to the world in a whole new way. I have so much gratitude to BJ and the work she is bringing through, it’s definitely been life changing! I feel free to be more of my true expressive self.”

Barbara George ~ Personal Growth Mentor

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“I highly recommend BJ as a professional Speaker Mentor and Trainer as
she has been invaluable to quickly critique and accurately identify
the ability of trainers for my own business. I have found BJ’s skills and
professionalism to be unmatched in Australia and would recommend her
services for any person wishing to become a top speaker.”
Tim Stokes
Managing Director

Building Business Mentors

Business Freedom

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“Working with BJ from Voice Bloom is one of the greatest investments I have made in my career and life. When I started working with BJ I wanted to improve my communication skills in front of groups, but I was quick to appreciate the content that is covered is vital for all forms of communication from large audiences to one on one”
Lucas Cavanagh | Managing Director

Power Pumping

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“How do you thank someone who has basically given you your life back? I am so happy to have been on this journey with you BJ. It has been the most rewarding, fulfilling and enlightening few months of my life. Thank you for helping me find me again.”
Di Miller

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Working with BJ was a leap of faith that opened my eyes to some of the bad communication habits I had adopted over the course of a life time.
She is a perceptive and honest analyser who challenges you to find your voice … and from there the journey starts.
I have come away with a fresh outlook on what I do, why I do it and how I can do it better.
Thank you BJ.

Brett Walker LL.B., MAICD
Managing Director
SMART Compliance Pty Limited