Barbara-Jane Long (BJ) has a Bachelor in Dramatic Art and is a post graduate in Voice Studies from NIDA, Australia’s premiere National Theatre School.
She has spent many years performing and working as a vocal coach alongside prestigious directors and performers in professional theatre productions throughout Australia.
BJ was for six years the co-director for CWL Medical, a highly successful medical distribution company for Neurosurgical and ENT products. This diversion was a gift and provided her with first-hand and in-depth experience in the corporate world.
BJ’s is a Speaker Mentor who has the unique skill of helping people to be the the best speaker they can possibly be …and more. She facilitates this process through holistic alignment of the Voice, Intellect, Body and Emotions (VIBE)
Her gift as an energetic healer and visionary artist also guides others to truly tap into their soul purpose and authenticity.
In 2007 her vision with VoiceBloom began…
“My soul purpose is: to give insight that is outside the normal educational experience so as to create new and wonderful opportunities for people. By fostering and facilitating personal and professional growth I mentor my clients to unlock the inherent strengths of their Voice, Intellect, Body and Emotions. (VIBE)
It is a passion of mine to share my knowledge, skills and perspective to connect people with their inner calling and to transform them into exceptional communicators. In essence; my aim is to provide mentorship so you may honour who you are.”
Enjoy the Journey
BJ Long